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Public art, highways and streets

Source: www.elseedindoha.com Due to the context change this post is in english. This might become a habit. I just happened to be in Doha when yet another Doha Architecture Forum took place and it saved me from another boring hotel evening with my computer. Making Cities Public was discussion topic at the very end of Museum of Islamic Art park with magnificient silhuette of Doha West bay as a background. Panelists in this discussion were egyptian architect Rami el Samahy and calligraffiti artist el Seed with tunesian roots but grown up in France. Panelists presented their ideas and works and then there was open discussion. Initially, when speaking and defining the public space in cities, streets were not even mentioned. Then El Seed presented his calligraphic graffiti art projects and especially the Salwa road underpass project with 720 meter long graffiti. I find it generally a good idea to use art and legal graffiti to make highways look better than just concrete.