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Under Putrajaya bridges

My recent escape to Kuala Lumpur culminated in Putrajaya , the planned governmental city of Malaysia. Convienently accessible from the Airport express train it is a perfect stop before your flight and a must if you want to see some remarkable bridges.. It is possible to rent bicycles at Perbadanan Putrajaya Kompleks and so we did. Staff was very helpful and unusual request to rent bicycles required some inflation of tires. The mountain bikes were missing maintenance probably for the last 10 years, but somehow we managed to circle the two fancy bridges just in one hour and return the bikes just before office closure at 5pm. As all of the Putrajaya was designed and constructed by local companies, there is very little information about the bridges available in the Internet, at least in english. Wikipedia has some basic facts, but nothing about the authors. And this time I hold my critics and leave you with photos, enjoy. Jambatan Seri Saujana bridge Jambat